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Family Wealth Counseling

Wealth creates unique issues in parenting. We have developed resources and tools to help wealthy families address the common problems wealth can bring.  We can help address issues such as lack of independence, discouragement in measuring up, lack of gratitude and difficulty in having a healthy relationship with money.

Junior Investor Program

We offer a one-year program of education, coaching and actual hands-on investing to help your teen children learn basic investing principles and become familiar with many financial life issues. We focus on simple budgeting, basic investing, and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Avoiding "Affluenza"

A newly coined term that describes the feeling of malaise that wealth can create in children, it is a condition that affects many wealthy families. Affluenza can sap kids of ambition or create an over-attachment of significance to material possessions and money. We explore ways to limit its effects and help families raise their awareness.

Teaching Young Kids To Be Responsible With Money

We explore simple methods for children of all ages. We provide assistance with education in budgeting, investing, handling financial decisions and working with family advisors.


We can help your family focus on the legacy you want to create and foster a philanthropic outlook in your children. Philanthropy can be a tool that gives your children purpose and helps them answer the question “who am I without my family’s money”?

Protecting Your Children's Wealth After You Are Gone

Integrity Capital is well versed in the various instruments of Trust, Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer. We will help you navigate through all the issues and come up with a plan that seeks to provide for your children without crippling their ambition and development.