How We Manage Money


We believe everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. It is our responsibility to examine and understand all available complex products from the entire financial services world and carefully select a combination that uniquely addresses our client's needs. We spend time educating our clients to make sure they can make confident decisions in their best interest. 

Tax Efficiency

It’s not just what you earn, it’s what you keep. For taxable accounts, we apply a rigorous screen to our investment managers that seeks to provide a higher after-tax return. We screen for low turnover managers and keep track of impending capital gains distributions that should not be incurred by our clients, moving out of certain investments during distribution time to save overall taxes.

We are active tax loss harvesters, effectively turning lemons into lemonade. Studies show that tax loss harvesting can add 1-2% in after tax performance over time.

Low Cost Investments

High investment costs can significantly affect your returns over time.  In taxable accounts, we seek investment managers with low annual costs. In retirement accounts, we use index investments that seek to provide a lower total cost to clients.