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What is your Money Personality?


Each of us has a natural relationship with money. 

Security Seekers are careful planners that are willing to make sacrifices to protect their loved ones.

Savers are careful about spending money and are always in search of a good deal.

Risk Takers are adventurous and excited by the possibilities of the future.

Spenders live in the moment and get a rush from spending money.

Flyers are content with life and are easy going about money.  They tend to prioritize relationships.

Many people end up marrying someone that is opposite them and then the fun begins. Authors Scott and Bethany Palmer are known as “The Money Couple” and have appeared on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, CNN and Focus on the Family.  They have developed a test that will help identify your unique money personality and give insight into your relationship.

We use the results of this test to better understand our clients and make sure both partners are heard in our financial planning work.

Take our FREE Money Personality Quiz. In 15 minutes, get scientific results that will profoundly change your relationship.

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We will be notified of your test results and will prepare a brief report that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of you and your spouse’s money personality. We are happy to do this for existing clients, prospective clients, friends and curious participants.  We will send our report to the email you sign up with and will be available to follow up to discuss questions and thoughts on how to utilize the results of the test.

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