Brandon Simmons

Brandon Simmons


Why Integrity Capital Wealth Management?

The choice of where to invest is almost limitless. Should you be a do-it-yourselfer? Should you invest with a name brand, traditional big brokerage? Should you use a 'fee only' financial planner?

At Integrity Capital Wealth Management, we believe we have arrived at the optimum solution. One based on a better structure, platform, philosophy, and methodology.

Most clients are not aware of the differences between a 'captive' brokerage firm and an independent, open platform. The major Wall Street firms have many objectives and are focused on maximizing the firm's profits, not necessarily what is best for each individual client. 

As part of an Independent Brokerage, we do not have any of our own products to sell, nor any investment banking deals or research that could create conflicts of interest. We focus on the below principles that provide a trust-based relationship with our clients that stands on a bedrock of Integrity.


We strive to be the advocate of our client in all financial decisions. By putting the client's needs and goals first, we serve them best in the long run.


We bear a responsibility to do the best thing for the client in all cases. This involves two way accountability. We are accountable to our clients to provide excellent service, wise advice, transparency, and results. We hold clients accountable to do the things that will protect their families and provide for their futures.

Alignment Of Goals

We have created a structure where our compensation and success is tied to the long term achievement of our client's goals. By providing clarity in all fees and billing, and basing most of our compensation on a fee for assets under management, we put ourselves on the same side of the table as our clients.


We have managed investments through multiple market cycles and helped clients strive  to protect their wealth by growing prudently and not falling prey to the traps of emotion and behavioral finance.

Fiduciary Responsibility*

What truly differentiates us is that we have a duty to act in the best interest of our clients at all times. This is starkly different than a relationship with a traditional brokerage firm where they are simply required to sell a solution that is ‘suitable’ at the time of the sale. This standard does not require them to sell the ‘optimal’ solution or a solution from outside their own firm. Nor does it require them to monitor the investment and recommend a change if it becomes inappropriate in the future. This responsibility we bear leads us to our simple firm motto “Do all the right things for all the right reasons always with Integrity.”

More Than Just Investments

Improve your relationships with spouse and family. See our unique Money Personality test to learn more about how to relate with your spouse in the area of money. Make lifetime memories at our events and trips.

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