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Investment Management

Integrity Capital offers investment management services for both retirement and taxable accounts. See our ‘How we manage money’ page (link) for more information.

We provide a cohesive investment strategy that organizes a client’s entire portfolio including the company 401k, retirement accounts, and taxable investments.  We take a sophisticated approach that utilizes hedging strategies and alternative investments, focusing on tax efficiency and low fees with the goal of providing clients with the best long term returns.

Financial Planning

We help outline your wealth and life goals and providing prudent implementable steps to pursue them. We use powerful modeling software to project the feasibility of various options and to track the continued progress toward our client's goals.

Concentrated Stock Management

We help manage risk for those clients who have accumulated a great deal of wealth concentrated in one stock. We employ hedging or diversification strategies.  Where appropriate, we will maintain current filing status with the SEC and corporate counsel. We trade on an agency basis through LPL Financial which eliminates conflicts of interest that can occur when a firm trades for their own profits.

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Providing for your heirs during your life and thereafter is important. We will work with our network of legal advisors to establish appropriate trusts, charitable enterprises and gifts that seek to minimize your estate taxes and maximize your legacy. LPL Financial has an affiliate trust company, The Private Trust Company N.A. that can act as trust advisor for your estate or fulfill any other actions performed by a corporate trustee.

Gifting & Charitable Planning

Your legacy extends beyond your family to your community, your school, your church or other entities you wish to impact. We can help you organize your priorities and gift in the most tax sensitive manner possible. We can help with simple gifting, community foundations, or even Private Family Foundations. 

Network Of Legal & Tax Advisors1

Integrity Capital has the capability to work with your current tax and legal advisors, or to introduce you to competent advisors for any specific needs you have. This provides prudent checks and balances for your tax and legal needs and ensures you receive an unbiased, competent opinion and services.

Pre IPO/Merger Planning

Entrepreneurs have specific complexities to deal with. Our experience and guidance can help you avoid any missteps when dealing with Incentive and Non-qualified stock option exercise strategies, 83b issues, restricted stock and charitable or estate gifting strategies.

Trading Expertise

Selling shares of a thinly traded position can be difficult. Our experience and LPL Financial’s access to the complete market on an agency basis provides you a fair trading platform. Our team has the experience and will assist you in implementing a strategy to sell your shares. We have the capability of putting in place a sophisticated yet simple 10b(5)1 selling plan.

Wealth Management System

Pre-Retirement Rollover

Family Wealth Counseling

Risk Tolerance

1. Please note that neither LPL Financial or any of its representatives render legal or tax advice.