At Integrity Capital, we believe freedom from debt is one of the cornerstones of financial planning. This page highlights a few of our clients stories and their thoughts and feelings on the change to their financial lives. 

                                                                                                             Brandon's Debt Free Memorial

How has paying off debt affected the philosophy of Integrity Capital?

"The reduction of stress and anxiety in my personal life is tremendous after my debt struggle. I began teaching Dave Ramsey courses through my local church, and as I counseled other people to become debt free, I realized how important this was for Integrity Capital clients as well.  I created a memorial to celebrate my debt free day. These are all the credit cards I had used and maxed out over the years.  I put them all through the shredder and made this collage that says ‘We're Debt Free!’ (see above).  Behind the credit card letters I have clipped are photos of the foolish purchases I made using credit, including two cars, an expensive wedding, a time share, and other purchases.  This frame is hanging in my home and serves as a reminder of becoming debt free and the peace of mind it has brought.  

-Brandon Simmons, CEO/Founder of Integrity Capital Wealth Management

How have you and your spouse felt since paying off your debt?

“It shifts conversations from the burden hanging over your head, the student loans and car loans to pay off, to talking about college planning, stuff that is exciting to talk about. It gives you a spirit and desire to give more as well.”

- Michael R. from Bentonville, AR

What would you tell someone that is just starting to pay off their debt?

“Its all encompassing, planning and alignment with the spouse, having discipline once you start the process together,              and to continue the process by surrounding yourself with people that you want to emulate or be like. For us, it was                surrounding ourselves with people who we thought saved and spent according to how we wanted to save and                        spend”.

 - Matt R. from Bentonville, AR

How have you felt since paying off the final amount? 

“I would say its surprisingly liberating. I was a late adopter to thinking it was anywhere near important. It emotionally feels pretty good”.

- Matt S. from San Marcos, CA

What would you tell someone who has the funds to pay off their debt, but is skeptical because they would lose their mortgage deduction?

"I had debt as a choice for awhile because I thought there was economic benefit to having a mortgage and a mortgage deduction, but it took awhile for me to realize that the mortgage deduction did not compensate for the amount of interest I am paying out to someone else, as opposed to earning me something. I had to get through that logic hurdle in my own mind. Once I saw that it made economic sense to do, it always made emotional sense, it became pretty obvious to do".

- Matt S. from San Marcos, CA